Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Speed Week!

Hi!! :)

I feel I like just blinked last week and now I´m back sitting in front of the computer! It is the greatest but pretty crazy too. This week has been pretty normal. I went to do intercambios with a companionship and we had a great time! In the middle of their area they have a neighborhood that is prohibited to enter. Yeah I didn´t figure this out until we ended the night!! Around 7 o´clock we were walking down this street when we see a huge bonfire just on this street corner. I am like "What is that!?!" He looks at me with a nervous smile and says we need to go really fast down this street. So we start doing this jog run thing in the opposite direction as people from the fire start heading in our direction. "What is that!?" I say with a little more force. "And what is happening?!" We take a few more turns and he just says "I will tell you later." So we get back to piso later that night and I am looking at their map to plan for the next day. I see a huge red square outlined in the corner of their area. Elder Rodriguez looks at me and says, "We were right on the edge of that area when we saw the fire." Apparently About a year ago two elders got robbed at knife point in that area. We call it gypsie-land. Gypsies are like the theives of the city and they have taken over an old neighborhood. When people have to abandon their houses for money reasons the gypsies break in and live there. Police don´t patrol there and we aren´t allowed to go there anymore. That was pretty Exciting :)

 A miracle this week was this Serbian we found. We were given a reference from the other elders of a person that they had contacted. We went to knock the door and this man came to the door who wasn´t the man that the elders had contacted. This guys name was Tarek. But he knew the guy we were looking for who lived right beneath him. We took the opportunity to introduce oursekves and he invited us back. He is Muslim so we knew it was going to be a little different but we passed by and gave him the book of mormon and the first lesson. He told us that he was thinking alot about Jesus Christ a few days before we knocked on his door and he said he would read to know if the book of Mormon was true. We went back yesterday and he was on page 250! He told us that he needed to know this was true and he wants to finish the book this week so that he can ask! :D We read about Jesus Christ coming in 3 nefi 11 and he told us he was so confused. He knew what we were reading was true and he was so confused. He explained that if what we were explaining to him is true (which he thinks is) everything he has been living for is a lie. It was a thoughtful experience as we followed the spirit and asked him a lot of questions. He is so excited to be able to pray and receive the answer so he can follow Jesus Christ. Really awesome experience :)

 I love the mission! Lovin my crazy companion :) And I can´t wait for next week.

Love you all. Elder Powell

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