Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Granada - January 13, 2014

Hi mom and dad :) How is the cruise? Are you tired of being on a boat yet? ;P 

I am here in granada and it is like Utah!! Snow in the mountains, dry and we live in this piso that is wicked cool like a cabin. Ha it is the best. my new companion is Elder Sykes and he has only been out two transfers so we are working hard here to lift the area.:)

I was transferred wednesday and we had a baptism the following saturday in Alicante. I was kind of bummed that I didn´t get to be there but she gave me a little glass turtle before I left so that was really nice. :) She is the best! 
We have very little work here so I got here and I have been tired since I got here haha. It is the best to just work really hard to find. I can just feel myself being stretched to the limit... every day. But I pray every day for strength and energy and I receive it every day. Good stuff.

We go to church in a huge stake center but it is one of the smallest wards I have been in. It is kind of Ironic :)
I love the mission and things are just getting started here in Granada:)
Love you guys! 
Elder Powell

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