Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is soo cold!

Hello family!

First things first. It Snowed!!!!! Whats up. :) It was hailing here in the city but it was like a three day storm and the mountains are just covered! There was a little ice and snow when I got here but now it is like we are in this valley surrounded by white mountains!! One of these P-days we are going to go up there to the ski resort just to be in it haha :D But that also means it is really cold when we are out in the streets.... yep i am now wearing thermals, a shirt, a sweater, a coat and a shell with gloves and a scarf. It is the greatest haha. I don´t know how it is so warm up in france where Alisa is!
We also got to see a glimpse of the Alhambra. Love it here!
Anyway this week has been better than last week. We are continually finding new people to teach and we are working hard. I´m not going to lie though. It is definitely some challenging work here! In Granada we are the stake center for Malaga and all the surrounding cities and we are one of the smallest wards with the most inactive people. We have 100 active and 500 inactive. It is kind of a problem.... But we are working on it. We are working with the ward to be organized and working with all of the menos activos to get them back to church. :)

We had one powerful lesson this week that I just loved and wanted to share! It was with a recent convert who basically hasn´t been to church since she was baptized 3 months ago. We were at her house eating when she told us that she didn´t want anything with the church anymore. We taught her about the plan of salvation and how she needed the gospel to be able to live with her three sons and return to be able to live with our Heavenly Father. The same thing happened  when I was back in Alicante when  a Lady told us she didn´t want to keep listening to us as missionaries. I was overwhelmed with sadness as was my companion when she said she didn´t know if she could continue. We began to testify and promise her many blessings and the spirit was so strong! It is incredible how powerful and loving the feelings are that our Heavenly Father has for His children. By the end she decided she needs to make alot of changes to repent. It was great :) 
This week we also were able to set two baptismal dates with a couple. The wife didn´t know how to pray and her husband asked her to say the opening prayer of our SECOND lesson together!! We taught her how and the importance of it and then she prayed....... it was so... heart felt. She felt the spirit and wants to be able to feel that always. She is super prepared :) The husband is going to be a little harder but it´s comin along.

This week I have been studying my call as a missionary and it has been very uplifting to study about Christ and the power that comes through him as we use his Atonement. :) I am amazed at how Jesus Christ did what he did for us and my understanding continues to grow of his sacrifice and how we can use his sacrifice and Atonement in our lives. The first chapter in preach my gospel has a section that talks about the power and Authority of a missionary and it has motivated me more to live worthily of that power to bring more people unto Christ. 
We CAN be clean from every mistake, pain, or sin through Jesus Christ.
The mission is the Greatest! I love it and am so happy to serve! There is no greater thing that I have ever done.
Love, Elder Powell

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