Monday, May 20, 2013

Hi Family :) So I have kind been catching up on writing a few other missionaries and I don´t really have alot of time to write so this letter is going to be a little different than normal, but this week has been awesome! We have seen miracles and we have continued to work hard. In doing that, the lord has blessed us greatly! We have met or passed all "Standards of excellence". The standards set by the mission president. Ok got to go But this is my companions perspective of the week. Enjoy! :
Me and Elder Powell have three baptismal dates set and later today in one of our lessons we hope to set another one. One of those people is Paco. He is the coolest guy ever. He is very old and we actually found him by accident. We were going to a members house to eat and didn´t know which one is was. Knocked on his door and we were able to come back and teach him. He is progressing and reading everything that we give him to do. He had surgery on his knee and he is always home. Which is perfect because he is always willing to hear from us. Then we have one family that wants to be baptized but the dad won´t let us come by right now and teach. So that makes things a little challenging. Things are moving though and we are always contacting every day to try and find someone to teach. We need to work with our ward more though. We came to the conclusion that the Provo mission is so successful because they have members that desire to share the gospel. If our members really know that this is the church of christ they need to be willing to share it with others. So that is what we have been doing this last week and probably this coming week. Well I got some great news. Our mission goal for lessons in a week is 20. We got 24! WOOHOO!
Now it is story time, or even better ¨STORIES TIME!!¨
1. We were contacting on the street and talking to this lady about the gospel. I thought that she was interested but I still don´t understand spanish very good. Anyway, it seemed like Elder Powell was getting sidetracked. Then basically he kind of just walked off. So I just followed my trainers lead. Then we walked into a store. I was so confused. Come to find out that a seagull that had a broken wing just walked into this store. Makes sense why he was sidetracked. All the people in there were scared of the bird though. So me and Elder Powell took off our missionary names for a second and became ¨Bird Patrol¨ then as we were walking out I told people it was my bird. They really liked that. ( Ok this is Elder Powell speaking now: I did not just walk off. We had finished talking to her and gave her a card and she wasn´t that interested. THEN we walked into the store. Ok just had to settle that.)
2. We eat at this ladies house every week, Marilo. She has her mom live with her too because she has alzheimers. Her name is Angela. She makes me laugh every time. Anyway, when we eat she is always talking about her mom and how she wants to see her mom. Angela is 90 years old... either her mom is 120 years old or she is not alive... She isn´t alive. Anyway, it is about every 5 minutes and I have to do everything to not laugh at her. So we were eating and you kind of have to tell her that she needs to eat or she simply won´t do it. She always said she doesn´t have the appetite right now and then right after she would start eating. She is the best. Then she went to the bathroom like crazy. I bet she went about 15 times in a 1 hour appointment. She forgot that she went to the bathroom sometimes. And one time, there is no way that she had time to go. I think what happened was she went into the bathroom, thought that she went already, flushed the toilet and came back out. Anyway, needless to say I laugh about this all the time. And we get to go there this week again.
3. There is this guy that we walk by all the time. He just laughs uncontrollably at us. Sometimes when we see him we walk past him because he will laugh at us the whole time he can see us. He is totally crazy and homeless. But you can hear his laugh for about 1/2 mile away. Crazy
4. This is titled ¨Exploding Ball¨ So every saturday we go and play soccer. We ride the bus for about 25 minutes and it is the best! So we had a ball and we got off the bus and started juggling the ball. Elder Barbosa was juggling and passed to Elder Powell, Elder powell touched it once and then it rolled into the street. This all happened within about 10 seconds of us getting off the bus. It rolled under the bus and you see elder powell just running after it. It stops right underneath the bus and it explodes! It was just like a gun shot went off! Super loud. And then, the best part was that it looked like we shot a bird. This feather looking stuff just went everywhere you can imagine! It really looked like someone had a gun, shot it and hit a bird with the feathers going everywhere! I laughed for about 2 minutes. Awesome!
Hope you liked the stories :) I love you family. I see the changes in peoples lives all from the gospel of Jesus christ.
The Mission is the greatest.
Love Elder Powell

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