Monday, March 4, 2013

Still in Malaga :)

Hi mom and dad! And family! :) I loved the pictures that you sent! That looks so fun with the skiing, and the deck, and motor bikes! Love it. It´s a bummer it´s raining already though. Mom sorry you got hurt :/ thats no fun to be hurt . I hope you get better soon! Ahh prom is super fun. Those two days are always memorable :)
Alright so we have three baptisms this week! It is this amazing cuban family and they were ready right when we met them it was crazy. They have their introvista tomorrow where they will all get interviewed and I´m positive it will be great. We were going to try and have the father baptize the family but the bishop wasn´t there on sunday so he couldn´t get the priesthood :/ That was kind of dissapointing but Cero (the father of luis) will be there but just can´t baptize them. 
It was a great week and we had 8 investigators at church! That was awesome. We have made it our goal to find families every day so that we can strengthen the church. And every week we have found a family that has potential and I love it. The family we found this past week is awesome!  We had three lessons with them in the church and they came to church. The problem is that the parents Palma and David aren´t married which is very typical in Spain but their son ismael who is 9, loves it. He loves church. He asks very intelligent questions. When we were talking about how babies have no sins he asked, "well where are the babies before they are born." And we taught him the whole plan of salvation. And then he said, "Well this all makes, and if babies have no sins why does the catholic church baptize their babies? That church must be wrong." Then he accepted baptism at the end of the lesson. He is going to be baptized next friday the 15th! The parents don´t think he will be ready but we only have a few lessons left and the parents are very supportive. Palma cried all three hours of church and at the end she told the hermanas I want to get married and then I want to get baptized :) Now we have to work with the father. Nothing against spaniards but spanish men are very stubborn. We´ll keep praying for him.
Well guess who was here.... Elder Holland! Ok well he was in Germany to teach the mission presidents in the european area so this week we get to learn about everything he taught them. Yeah I still think Elder Holland is being drawn to me ;)
I love you all :) Things are going great in the work. It´s hard and rewarding. We find people every day and some accept the truth and some reject it. I feel like if every person we met let us in to their house we would have quadruple the baptisms. But they don´t. They have "prisa" every time we try and talk to someone on the street, ugh. Oh we had a huge hail storm! Like huge! Piles of ice balls in all the gutters! It was so crazy to see. and they were the size of marbles. Like literally! My companion was shocked because it NEVER hails here. So while it´s raining in Utah it is hailing and sleeting in Spain :P
Elder Powell

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