Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First real week of work in spain

Hi Mom :) How are you? Ìm a very slow typer so I never really ask you how you are doing. But I love your updates every week so I feel like I know everything. Sounds like everyone is having a good time and doing awesome. Disneyland looked like it was so fun! It´s weird because everyone is starting to look a little different in the pictures :P Me and my companion are in this little internet cafe thing in front of the train station. The culture here is very.... different. But I love it :D My spanish is improving which I thought never would. I can also understand a ton too! So that´s nice, especially when your in a place where there is very little english. Oh I also learned this week that you can´t run the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time or else the power will go out! Also, there is no such thing as personal space in spain. It is so funny. Ok story time. So we had this family that came to church last week and they are excited to learn more, which I love to see in investigators. But we had a lesson where we watched the video of the restoration and the spirit was fuerte. It was tangible. Then we testified and committed them to baptism on the 8th of march. Super excited for them! The son still isn´t sure. He is 14, but the parents are solid! They are Cuban. Cubans are golden because they all believe in god but don´t really know much more. Thats kind of a stereotype.... but its true. Whenever we find a cuban we are super excited. We had a baptism two days ago and the daughter who was also going to get baptized bailed the day before! The mom still got baptized but It is interesting to see how strong and hard Satan works to fill peoples heads with doubt. I don´t really like it and I wish Satan was just a nice person. I guess that prayer won´t really be answered will it :P But thats why we put on armor everyday right? This week we ate a ton! Ok so the schedule works so that we study until 11, have media dia from 2 to 5 and then work until 10ish while i´m on the training program. But we eat at 2 and then don´t eat until the next day. Thats a pretty typical day. But get this. So friday we ate with a member at 2 and it was a huge meal to last us the next day right. And its pretty rare to eat with members. Maybe 1 or two times a week sometimes three. Then we went to a cita at 5 and we sit down and then they start bringing out all this russian food because they eat at five normally. So we were polite and ate everything. By this time we are feelin pretty sick haha. Then we are out trying to find Antiguos which are people who have been taught a few times in the past that we follow up with. So we are out and we ring the intercom to talk to the people inside the complex and this family answersfrom romania and they don´t know who we are but they invite us in. Which was super awesome! But they gave us more food :P It was hillarious because me and my companion just looked at eachother and wanted to bust out laughing because of how much food we had eaten. Anyway, I have been studying a few things and I´m kind of addicted to it haha. We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission in two months and marking all the doctrines of christ. I also decided to mark all names of christ in another color and then every time christ speaks in another color. It is sweet. But I am also studying this 80 page packet on the atonement from my last mission in Texas and they correspond quite nice. I want to testify of the power that comes frm reading the book of Mormon. There is a special strength that only comes from reading the Book of Mormon. As I have been studying, christ is mentioned on every page. As I´ve thought about that, and how Christ is the focus of the book, I´ve also thought how Christ´s purpose was to complete the Atonement so we could overcome the fall both spiritually and physically. So basically the Book of Mormon directs us to the Atonement on every single page. It´s super awesome. As we read, we think of Christ as he is mentioned, and then use the atonement, which allows me as a missionary to be a better instrument. I hope that all made sense. Um other news. Semana santa comes up in April where they parade around with huge statues of christ and mary like a huge idol worship party. It´s kind of disgusting to think about at least from the things my companion has told me about it. Ill let you know when it happens, but we hear bands practicing and people are starting to talk about it.

 Oh here is my address for the piso.
 Elder Powell
c/ La Victoria N.64, blk A, 1.G
29010 Malaga (malaga)

This is the mission home which will never change. You can send them here if you want and I´ll get them every six weeks.
Elder Joshua Trevor Powell
Spain Malaga Mission
Av. Jesus Santos Rein No 2, 3 D-E Edif. Ofisol, Fuengirola
29640 Malaga

 Love you all. It´s still weird to be in spain but awesome to be teaching and learning. You can only convert someone as far you have been converted. Vaya Con Dios ¡¡Hurrah for Israel!! Love Elder Powell

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