Monday, March 4, 2013

Time Flies

This is a letter from February 25th that never got posted.   Sorry   Be sure to read the post after this one too since it is from today.

Hello peoples. This week has really gone by in a blink. I don´t know why. The work has just been pretty normal and we are workin hard. It started out really fun though :) Story: Tuesday it was super stormy. Rain, wind, the whole deal. we have umbrellas but that doesn´t really help when the rain is going sideways haha. But something I won´t ever forget is my companion standing at the timbre of this building. It´s like the buzzer for each apartment and we talk over an intercom and then they buzz the door to unlock it. Yep that is how I just explained it.
 Anyway we passed this huge building and Elder Jones was like, "let´s try and get in here." So he pushed one, no answer. Pushed another, no answer. He did that about five times and then he finally had someone answer, "¿quien es?" Hola somos missi...."no interes. Hasta luego"  Then my companion just screamed and pushed evry single button on the whole timbre and we walked away. It was hillarious because he was sopping wet and no one was in the streets, no one was in their houses!..... Ah good times :)   We ended up teaching a few people that night and finding some good references.
But yeah the work is very good and it´s nice to see alot of people progressing. We had 6 investigators at church and we still want to find alot more. The spirit is strong and the people are ready here in malaga. Its weird because the catholic church is every where and there are statues and on corners there are these rooms with a huge statue of crucified jesus´ or the virgin mary and people walk by and worship for a second or go in and sit down for a while. So very strange and so apostalic. But i don´t tell them that. Ha, that would be bad :P
Me and my companion were talking how in 40 years the catholic church is going to shrink so much. There is no one young anymore who even attend and all the older people who are strong are going to die. It reminds me of that scripture, "how great will be the fall thereof. I think part of the fall of the great and abomanable church is just people losing faith and interest. The spirit isn´t there so no one has that drive to go. Just a thought.
Yesterday we were able to go to the baptism of luis´s dad. Luis, Yipsi, and Pablo are the three Cubano´s getting baptized. So we went and luis was able to see his father be baptized. He is so excited and can´t wait for his baptism. I love it. Oh during the baptism one of the speakers who was talking about the gift of the spirit started bashing the catholic church like hardcore! Me and my companion were cringing but it was super funny. He was just saying how it wasn´t true and they don´t have the spirit and they are a church who opposes and mocks god. The speaker was a recent convert so we didn´t really get mad at him we just smiled and he moved on to talk about the gift of the spirit.
Haha as far as spanish goes I feel like I am progressing and am speaking well and then the next day it is awful. It is so frustrating! I can understand a ton still it´s just hard to speak fast. Especially when you have to talk to people on the streets. They see you and almost run in the opposite direction, Ok that is a huge over statement. But if you don´t get their attention fast they are gone :P
Gotta go. Love you all. Missionary work is the best! So hard,and fun,and yeah. :)
Hurrah for Israel!!
Love ElderPowell

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