Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Week/Worst Week of My Entire Life!!!

Hi family :) I love getting your email each week. It is great to see everything that is happening. Rebecca looks like she had an AWESOME Birthday! Happy Birthday Rebecca :) :) 12 years old is like the best age ever. You are awesome :) Wo, wait, what? Tanner hasn´t played volleyball like ever and now he is on the alta team. Well thats talent haha :) We have an awesome family.
Ok so this week..... I kind of went to the hospital :P Hahaha yeah so I thought i just had the flu but then I just couldn´t control my fever,and my whole body hurt,and I couldn´t keep any fluids in my body. So tuesday night I went to the hospital. yay :D  i had had a fever of 103.8 degrees for more than 24 hours. Anyway we got to the hospital at like 10 at night and it is a whole other story on how we got there but they took a look at me and drew blood. It turned out I had a bacteria growing in my body! Yep so they gave me an IV with antibiotics as well as water and NACl to rehydrate me. They said I was missing about a quart of water that should have been in my body. So we left at like one in the morning and I just finished my five days of antibiotics. :) I was pretty much how Tanner was on christmas where he was super dehydrated and was in this daze of "nothing matters" That was me. I thought I was going to die!

So that was like the worst time of my entire life. Then two days later I had the best day of my life.
My first Baptism! Super cool story about the son:
So the zone leaders interviewed them and they were all solid but Pablo the son wasn´t sure if he wanted to be baptized. He said he didn´t want to be baptized just because his parents were. This kid is 14. Anyway they told him that he could ponder and pray about it and just come to the baptism to watch his parents. He thought that would help so he said ok and then we planned the rest of the baptism.

The next day they all come.we are preparing the font and getting everything set up when Pablo says I want to get baptized. So we ask when and he says, "Today :)" What! It was great. So we were rushing around to find clothes and get him all ready. It was a crazy experience! He wanted me to baptize him but it was so last minute I didn´t have any white clothes or extra garments so that was the only bummer :/ But Luis Pablo and Luis got baptized that day! Woo! :) Six weeks ago they had no idea what the gospel even was or that it even existed. Then get this! So after Pablo asks if he could get up and bare his testimony to everyone. So he shares this powerful testimony of how he prayed to ask if he should be baptized and he got an answer he couldn´t deny and he KNEW this gospel was true. Also their father bore a beastly testimony (he got baptized two weeks ago).
SOOOO Awesome :) Then I was able to confirm them in ward conference and that was also cool. We had 5 investigators there and 151 members which is alot. After church we gave Pablo and Luis the priesthood too. So they received alot of power that day :) That will be a big help in their lives.

Oh so this saturday we have another baptism and Luis is going to baptize him. I was going to do it but this is way better! Man what an awesome place Malaga is.

Um thats about it :) A few things about spain that I wish they had. First they have like 4 kinds of cereals, flakes, flakes with fruit, cocoa puffs, and other weird healthy cereal. So Froot Loops or apple jacks or honey comb. Yeah those don´t exist. Also the word Reese´s. No meaning here. Those are the two things I miss right now. America has it´s upsides too. :P Oh and you think mormon standard time is bad. Imagine mormon Spaniard time. Yeah we went to an eating cita at 2 and we didn´t sit down to eat until 3. they like don´t start cooking until we get there. weird.

Spiritually remember the blessing we have to talk to god. We can pray and receive answers from a god. In all seriousness that is a miracle and blessing that too many people don't take advantage of. Don´t pray in vain. Also I was thinking of the power of the spirit and how in the promise of moroni we can know ALL things through the Holy Spirit. That is a cool gift we have if I do say so myself.
Anyway I love you all :)
Mom I haven´t received that package yet. I think it will come in a few days though. Again, Happy birthday Rebecca :) Congrats tanner. Rachel, keep being awesome and smiling. Adam, You are a beastly little hunk of muffin. :P Love you. Jared and Tori, ...... How ar you both doing ;) And mom and dad. Thanks for being MY mom and dad.
The work is haulin at the moment and it continues to move forward. I just have to keep up with it :P
Hurrah for Israel!!!
Love elder Powell

This is after about half an hor so I feel a ton better :)

So the first is of the father two weeks ago. Ciro
The second is of our baptism. Luis Pablo Yipsi and the 2 yr old is Yan

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  1. Hope you're having a good time over there make sure to take a Siesta for me!