Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 4 - Transfers!!

Hello Family!! How is everyone!?

Things are going great here in Alcázar! We got the transfer calls and Elder Peroni is going to my old area in granada :) He is pretty excited. My new comp is another missionary from Mexico who lives in Texas now. There are only 3 mexicans in the mission and I will have been comps with two of them. :) I love it! His name is elder Gonzalez. Its weird because he is in my zone right now and now he is going to be comp :D

This week we didn´t have any baptisms :( Satan attacked pretty hard this week. Rosi had a dream that scared her and made her want to wait. She is the one who had the dream before that made her want to be baptized. Satan mimicked it and now she doesn´t :/ But she says that eventually she will. We are going to keep working with her and her little brother. :)

The others had their whole family turn against them and so they couldn´t and didn´t want to have problems with their families. It is so sad. Also a recent convert family, who all went to the temple last week :), have a problem with the father who is the only non member and is creating a ton of problems with not letting them go to church and destroying the family unity.

But through all of this, it just seems to strengthen my testimony greatly! Why else would satan tempt and work so hard if this wasn´t true. If the gospel didn´t bring salvation satan wouldn´t care at all. He would let us be to wander in strange and wrong paths. But since this is the only true gospel of Jesus Christ we will always face challenges and difficulties. Weird how that works. Elder Kameron cited a devotional that talked about how temptations trigger our minds and spirits to turn towards Christ if we prepare our minds to do so. "Thy Confidence Shall Wax Strong In The Presence Of God"

Also, as we face challenges and problems when we strive to keep and follow the commandments we can automatically know we are on the right path. The right path is usually the hard path. But it is greatest path because it leads to eternal happiness!

I sent a picture of Rosi and her little brother and sister with a friend. They are so awesome and so ready for the gospel. We are going to give them a few more weeks and we will see them in white :)

Other than that I was on intercambios from tuesday to friday and we went to Fuen for a conference. It was a crazy week! On the intercambio there was a wine festival though. That was one of the craziest things I have seen. They pretty much drenched everyone in wine in this concert and eveyone was singing and dancing. It reminded me of the old testament haha :P 

Aaaanyway, the mission is the greatest! It is amazing to continually grow and become a better diciple of Christ. Christ lives and this is his Gospel. Continue to study the scriptures and pray every day. Constant spiritual companionship is promised! It´s the best!
Love Elder Powell

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