Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time Flies!

Hi family! How are all of you doing? :)

So I never told you all about two weeks ago but it was very... different. I worked with my companion for about six of the 50 hours we have to work :P We were on splits every single day with members! It was the best! :D We have never taught so many lessons in a week. But it was super hard too. 

This week has been great! I told you about half of it which was pretty crazy. The second half was also super crazy!!

So on Sunday we had an awesome baptism. Benito is the man who got baptized! He is 89 and awesome! We spent part of the week before looking for a font so he could be baptized. Here in Alcazar we have a pool like thing that you need to climb a ladder to get into and he can´t really use that haha :P So we travelled an hour and a half to a pueblo of Alicante called Albacete. They had a normal font there :)

So we go with about 10 members and 15 minutes before the service is about to start we walk into to chaos. There is about 5 inches of water in the font and I watch as missionaries and members are running from the bathroom sinks to the font with buckets in their hands to fill the font. It was a great sight :) They had been goin at it for about an hour. So we spent another two hours filling it up but I think it really united the branch as we all worked together. That was the bright side :D 

He was only baptized in about two feet of water so my companion said the baptismal prayer and then helped the man down onto his knees and was baptized stomach first. The man was very hesitant as he was on his hands and knees with my companion pushing his back so he would go down under. It was pretty funny :) But everything went great! He was confirmed yesterday! He is awesome!

Then on tuesday I was working in fuengirola which is in malaga on tuesday. We were teaching in this park and I felt like I was in Utah. While we were teaching three different members walked by! Haha one walked by and waved and then two others came right at the end as we were just about to say the closing prayer. So they prayed with us and then walked home with the investigator. So that is one thing I am realizing I miss about home. Knowing that half the people I see are LDS :P

Then on wednesday we spent the whole day getting ready for the baptism of Maida. She is the mom of three recent converts and her oldest son baptized her. It was awesome! We had it at 10 at night but no big deal. Everyone just likes being out late here haha. 

Interviews were really good with president.

On friday we also had zone conference which was really good. I love teaching :) It is the best. When we got back from zone conference we were able to teach Estefanía! She asked me to baptize her on Saturday. she is super prepared and super awesome! One problem :( Still living with her boyfriend.... She has no money and no work so she can´t leave. Workin on it! 

Saturday we went on splits with members againg to make up for lost time. 
And then on Sunday we had the confirmations of Benito and Maida! :) they are so different it is great. Overall it was a great week!! :D

This week I recognized how the lord always supports those he calls. We wouldn´t have been able to do half as much of the stuff we did this week if it wasn´t for the Lord. We were exhausted the whole week but we could somehow keep working. This work is so important and the Lord will work with anyone who is WILLING and will shape and mold them. I have seen it in the members, our missionaries, my companion and it is amazing. Who would we be without God. No one.

Love you all. The mission is the greatest!! :)

Elder Powell

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