Monday, February 11, 2013


Hola. I am in Spain. ¿¡What!?
I will upload some pictures later today but it is a wonderful place. My new companion is elder Jones and he has 3 months left in the mission and I`ve only been out three. Kind of crazy. But we are in the malaga area called malaga 3. We are both coming to this area newly so we can switch with hermanas who have been covering the area in the past. So we have been lost as we both try to get to know the area. About 800,000 people live here. It reminds me alot of singapore except alot dirtier :P But I love it. The mission home was beautiful and our apartment is super nice too. I could probably talk for a few paragraphs on how awesome spain is but.... I don´t think that´s necessary. You all already know :P Hahah kidding. What I love the most is that the people are great!
 My first day we met with a recent convert and invited his nonmember wife to come to church. The missionaries had been working with her for months and we just simply asked her why she didn´t want to come to church and she said she did. So she came :D Also we had a referencia from this cuban man, so we visited his son and family and they all came to church too! So we had four people at church on my first sunday. There are about 140 members, the second largest ward in the mission. It is pretty cool. I can tell this is going to be a good area. Oh and so that was the most investigators i have had at church then all of the sundays in texas combined. Yeah.
Anyway, I thought my first day in Texas was hard well....... I was wrong. We got to our piso that first night and I threw up all night. It was the best welcome I could have asked for ;P I think it was a combination of weird food, jet lag, and being in Spain. It was not fun. But I´m still recovering. Trying to drink alot of water and catch up on sleep.
We´re taking a tour of malaga today and I´ll get to see my first castle :D It was sweet lookin from the city. We´ll see how that goes.
Um spiritually. Miracles do happen. Especially when you are doing all that you can do to stay righteous and obedient.
Love you all.
Vaya con Dios
Elder Powell

This was our arriving group. We were all super tired.

The mission home
 This is from the back porch of the mission home

 This is how we dry our clothes here. It is probably the biggest difference I´ve found so far. Except for the spanish :P But it´s like a huge tube down the middle of the complex!

So we walked up this huge walkway today and it wasn´t really a castle... It was like a whole bunch of forts connected with walls. and we were walking on top of the walls. Really wide walls haha

 Spain. Oh and Bull rinks are huge here!

 Panoram de malaga

Me and my companion Elder Jones. We are going to try and get permission to go to a bull fight before he leaves :D Oh and something I just remembered. Elder Jones uncle is President Maughn of our stake! How sweet is that! President Maughn interviewed me and told me about his nephew but I forgot. He was the last elder in morocco. Those colonies are closed after that video was put on the web by americans of muslims so things were getting violent and they got pulled out. Hopefully that area will open up before I leave. He said there were only 11 members there.

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