Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey family :)
So apparently today is MLK day or something because the library is closed. But now we'rejust meeting at a members house and their whole family is homeschooled. It reminded me of when we were homeschooled for a year. That was so fun! But the yes the weather is great. It is like a perfect summer night every night. Even the stars are brighter than in draper,which is awesome!
Mom I love it. I'm pretty sure the kids love you for taking them :) Its good bonding time and they are learning about weather cycles as you drive from the valley up to the mountains. I think that counts as school.
 Ahh it was so good to see adams pictures with Tanner baptizing him. A girl who we were preparing for baptism is set and believes it all and has such a strong testimony! But.... she's waiting until she gets married before she gets baptized. I was super happy for her but I think i'm going to work on her so she gets baptized sooner :P
This was a strange week though. we had alot of contacts and we've shared so many great messages! We met this guy who had a BOM, was reading in mosiah and knows that the book is true. He came to church and is just eating it all up. He is so interested and so blown away by everything he is learning. He is a very spiritual guy and he can just feel the truthfullness. Which probably means he has some WOW issue or something. Just because it seems too good to be true haha.
Then we also got to take one of our investigators to a dinner appointment and his mom came too! We got to the house and we had to go to an appointment like thirty minutes later so we just left the members with our two investgators :D but........ it turned into the best thing ever. We went back after our appointment and they were still there! we ended up teaching them about faith and a seed and the member bore a super powerful testimony! It was great.
The rest of the week we have been focusing on less actives and helping thwem come back to church which has been super succesful! We see alot more people at church and then when we bring the referrals\investigators that the have referred all the less actives come and talk to them. It's quite a cool little cycle :)
This week I've really just focused on being myself as I teach. I don't need to stress about saying things right but just sharing what I've learned and know through my own personality. In the past I felt like I had to be this perfect little missionary who knew all the answers. But I'm not. I'm a servant of the lord who is only a man. And even though I'm a man the spirit will help me as I teach. Does that make sense?
Things are good in texas. People listen, people are receptive, they just work all the time so its hard to get appontment times.
My spanish is about the same as I got here except that now I can understand it super well! My speaking doesn't seem to have improved yet but I'm still working. Plus its only been like tw weeks. Crazy!
Ski hard for me. Strngthen your faith every day. And be yourself
Love you all,
Elder Powell

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