Tuesday, January 15, 2013

General Authorities

Hi :)
How is everyone doing!? I'm doing great. The work is hard, the work is fun, and the work has a great purpose. We have 3 progressing investigators and one of them is being baptized in three weeks :D well thats the plan. She seems pretty solid though. The hardest thing here is getting people to church! Church is at 9 in the morning :/ Workin on that haha.
We had a special treat this week as Elder Holland came to speak to our Mission! They were all great. It seems like President Holland has been following me. There were 190 missionaries and 3 general authorities. Elder Holland, President Clayton of the seventy, and Bro Villareal of the seventy. 

Brother villareal spoke of his conversion story and how he was reading in the BOM and he got stuck at 1 nephi 17 where nephi had to find ore, make tools and then build a ship..... in the middle of a desert. He was confused and even read back through to make sure that he had read it right. He knew that was impossible. Elder Holland looked very worried at where this story was headed. It was quite funny. Brother Villareal was part of a construction company and in order to do that it would take, well it would take a miracle. So he knelt down and he said "Dear Heavenly father, I have just read about nephi and I know what I have just read is a lie! This can not be true and this isn't the church of god." Then he paused and said, "Then the spirit told me undeniably, IT. IS. TRUE." It was really interesting how even though he didn't believe what he had read, he was reading with real intent to know if it was true. As he prayed he really thought it was false, but the spirit was able to testify that it is true.

President Holland was quite powerful as always. It was awesome because the first thing Elder Holland did with us was shake our hands. We got to tell him our name and where we were from and he looked us dead in the eye for about 15 seconds and then we moved on. When I shook his hand it wasn't like an electrifying or overpowering experience. But I was able to feel that he was an apostle of the lord. I felt calm and peace as though he already knew me. Then he got up to the pulpit and told us that all of our "interviews" went well. He said "almost all of us are a very obedient and good group of missionaries. But there are a few of you who are struggling and you can lean on my testimony for a few days." It was awesome!
Then he went on to teach so much and how we should serve and be after the mission and then a few other things. It reminded me alot of this video: "Safety for the soul." It's on youtube i think.Maybe I already told you about this but watch it again. 
But one thing he said stood out alot. "What more motivation can I give you elders. You are hand in hand with Christ. We have given you everything at the age of 19. You have made covenants with the lord, you have been through the Temple. This is it. This is the last time the church will be on the earth. The vineyard has been pruned. The gospel isn't going to be restored again. And now... the second coming depends on you." Ah just love it. I had alot of questions answered and it was super motivational.

It sounds like all of you are doing well. Adam's baptism and birthday! Adam you are awesome! And tanner baptized you? :) That is so good to hear. The wedding pictures look great. Victoria Powell..... I like the ring to it.;) Everyone looks happy! The holidays sounded great with the Bahrs, Hills and grandma Ginia. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Love all of you and vaya con Dios!

Love Elder Powell

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