Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello Again

Hi mom. :) I love the jazz games! Glad you finally got to go to the lexus club too :) I wonder if I'll be able to go to any soccer games in spain?
Ahh i would have totally put up all the christmas lights all over our house. And this year probably would have been better than last year because we seem to buy more and more lights each year! I'm glad you got them up and I am really going to miss that. I just got your letter and I loved it! Thanks for the christmas tree too! I will write you back soon. In our last devotional we got to watch the first presidency christmas message and that made me miss home and also miss the christmas spirit of lights, sitting by the fire, being with family, playin in the snow and everything else. But It's ok! We will have an amazing devotional on Christmas and we get two Apostles this time :D I am super stoked!
Wo! Tanner, you are amaaazing (with fluxuation in my voice) How many people are in the tournament? What to win if you win the tournament? Are you nervous? :)
Everything in the MTC has been pretty normal here. I finally got the answers to my prayers though! I have been praying for my companion, elder Jensen, you know to be the best he can and try to get focused and work hard.... Well this week we were put into a tripanionship and boom! Elder lundberg was blunt yet loving. He has been here for three months because of injury so we all know him and we have alot of respect for him and he just told elder Jensen to leave everything behind at home and stop thinking about girls and FOCUS. It's been three days and his attitude is definitely better. I'll keep you updated. I love how one of the one things I've been struggling with is something I can't just choose to change. I've already learned so much.
Our investigators are doing well! We have been teaching four people. Have I even talked about these people with you?! Ok so first is Vicente. He is awesome! He is from chile, he's 21 and is going to college and we have committed him to baptism on the 22'nd! He is our strongest investigator and it's so cool to see his change. :)
Also we have been teaching a single father by the name of Mario. He is from Guatemala! He wants comfort and direction in life and we have told him how important prayer and scripture reading are for him. We really got through to him in our last lesson and he has also committed to baptism by the 22'nd!
These last two guys are really stubborn. we have taught them three times and they have made very little progress... We have been teaching them about the plan of salvation but they don't understand why they need the gospel if they have the whole millenium to decide. Yeahhhhh..... we should have never brought up the milleniuim. Kidding :) But we have found alot of scriptures about it so we will see how it goes with them tomorrow.
By the way these are investigators that our companions and teachers are acting in place of people they know. It is so cool! Because we never break character and it really is like we are teaching someone else! It is fantastic!
Well not much has changed.  I have gotten to go with Elder lundberg though to his physical therapy at the provo Hospital twice and that has been fun to talk to normal people and just be in the outside world ;) I am in a tripanionship until tuesday when Elder Lundberg finally heads to Mexico because of recovery time for his knee. I'm excited for him. Then I only have two more weeks until I get to go serve and talk to people. Oh I can't wait to go serve! Like you have no idea! I am scared that it has to be in spanish but I know the lord will bless me as I am striving, and becoming christ like.

This week I read this amazing talk called "Jesus: The Perfect Leader." I think this has been an eye opener for me on how to lead. It's cool how when you are called to do something the lord will back you up and help you become what you need to be. I was made district leader and I can really feel the lord working with me. It is the coolest feeling ever! It's like I have gained years and years of wisdom and knowledge to help those in our district and to lead. It is really humbling. And our District is so unified and working hard.

Alright I gotta go. I went over a little on my time so next week my letter will be a little shorter. I'm such a slow typer!

Well I love you all. I love you Mom and Dad. I love you Jared, Tori, Tanner, Rachel, Rebecca, and you Adam. Hi Adam :) I will write you an awesome letter today. Tori do you even work at the MTC! I haven't seen you once. I have lunch at 12 and dinner at 5 every day!
Vaya Con Dios.

Bye :) 

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