Monday, December 3, 2012

Faith and Light - Nov. 29

Hi there!
Things are going super great! I´m learning so much and I can´t believe it´s been five weeks :) Thanks fam for the packages! I love how all the food is gone in about 2 minutes after opening the package. Everyone enjoys it haha. I wish I could be home to put up the christmas lights and listen to christmas music and sit by the fire as it snows outside, but I guess we'll probably have to wait two years for that huh ;) Here in the MTC they turned on all their christmas lights on thanksgiving night! Who was excited... I was! Oh and thank you mom for my little decoration. I put it up right when I got! Also the Orthodics are good so far. I still need my bottom retainer. It's just a plastic one :)
Mom and dad that vacation sounds pretty amazing. Dad you are awesome. I love doing surprises like that. Isn't lake Powell amazing! Ahh i think I could live there in the summer. But I'm glad you had fun and got time to be together.
Everything else has kind of been the same old same old here in the MTC. Although we did get to watch 17 miracles on thanksgiving night. That was actually really awesome. I just never get tired of that movie and it was good to remember what those people did for me, and for all of us. They sacrificed literally everything they had to come to the salt lake valley and follow the will of the Lord. I wonder how many people in the church would actually be willing to leave their homes if that same thing happened today. I know I would leave in a heartbeat :)
Que en el mundo! So I totally forgot McNamera was coming to the MTC. We had been waiting for our new district in our zone and we knew they were finally coming last night! So I 'm sitting in class and the new district walks by and they start talkin to some of our district. And we're all talkin spanish, which is still hillarious and I can't get over how confused they look, but I go over and I just stand there stunned! Dmac is just chillin leaning against the wall. And then he sees me and it was like the happiest reunion ever! It was as if we hadn't seen eachother in twenty years or something. Oh it was great. So now He is in our zone, learning spanish and we go to the same ward :) What are the chances! Well the chances are like 1 in  70 somethin but still it was great. Also we have 2 Samoans who just joined our zone and they speak hardly any english and they have to be taught spanish. Yep, they have to learn english and spanish. It's kind of crazy but with the lord all things are possible!
This week I've been working on faith and the difference between hope and faith and how doubt affects all of the that. And where is that point where faith turns into knowledge. It's cool when you have hours to study things like that because you gain such an understanding.  There comes a point when you have to rely solely on faith. You won't have any sight on how or what to do in certain situations.But because you have a knowledge that Christ lives and this gospel is true you can rely on that knowledge to help you through doubt. I wish I could explain all about it! I can share my light, but you can't take my light. It's so important for us to take the time and gain testimonies by working for them. :)  We have also learned alot about light and there is this cool 3 episode series on under mormon messages taught by elder Bednar. I would definitely recommend it! They are about 2 minutes each and so good. Bednar has becaome one of my favorite apostles.
Congratulations Jared and Tori! You are getting married so soon! I wish I could be there and see all of it. You better take a million pictures and remember me haha :) I've got to admit that is going to be weird to have a married brother. You are so old :P Hahaha. But really i'm so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all about it.
Welp I gotta go. I love all of you!

Vaya Con Dios!

Love Elder Powell

p.s You should somehow tell people about dearelder because i don't know how it works haha :)

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