Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 1

Alright so the MTC is pretty awesome! We have learned so much and the Spirit is so strong!
So first off my mailing address has been changed :/ sooo I kind of haven't received any letters so it is pretty sad... but here is my new address. :) It only changed a little bit. But thanks everyone for the packages I have gotten.

Elder Joshua Trevor Powell
MTC Mailbox # 206
SPA-MAL 1113
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

There now I expect lots of letters and fun things! And I haven't been able to send any of the letters I have written because I thought I could just use the return addresses! I hope this week will be better as far as that goes.

Anyway We have done so much in this past week I love it! My companion is Elder Jensen and he is pretty awesome! He lives like right next to us in Sandy and went to Alta and everything! So we have alot in common! But he has like no motivation! He just doesn't work hard and he expects the language to just come to him so that is probably the hardest thing right now. Any advice :). But my favorite parts have been the firesides! We had a member of the quorum of the seventy come on tuesday and he talked about HELPing. It is our duty as missionaries to go out and help everyone by sharing this true gospel. It was so cool I can't even describe it! But look up this scripture. D&C 84:88. It talks having god on your side at all times. I've loved looking at it over and over again. 

My district is awesome and my zone is great. It is so funny because because we are the only district in our zone with any hermanas haha. And we have two sets of them. It is so weird because I used to want to flirt and be around girls all the time but now I am so focused on learning and teaching there is hardly any attraction to them. And I'm not saying they are ugly, because they are pretty dang beautiful haha, I'm just saying I love how the spirit works to help me focus on the work :)

On our third day we got to teach our first investigator and that was crazy awesome. We had to teach it all in spanish and our investigator spoke to us only in spanish and he was this guatemalan dude. I could understand him the whole time!!!! It was like spanish class on steroids. The spirit was super strong. I just couldn't talk back because I haven't learned alot of vocabulary yet... but the spirit is so cool :)

All my brothers and sisters I love you guys. You are are awesome and I miss you already :) Mom and dad you are the best! You have been so good to me and have taught me so much. I will be writing more letters all day today haha be cause I have so much to say and my time is almost up and I still have to write the president. But please update that new address on my facebook!!! Muy importante!

I know that this church is true! It is so true and there isn't a doubt in my mind. I've prayed and read the scriptures every day and I can't deny the truth!
I can't wait to get out and serve.... as soon as I learn some more spanish first :P

Until next week and with love,
Elder Josh Powell

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