Thursday, November 15, 2012

24 hours of spanish

Hello people! So I just gotta let you know that.... the MTC is so awesome! Right now I am in the middle of a 24 hour spanish spree and it so fun. Our whole district decided that we wouldn't speak one english word for the next 24 hours. Last night we got a new district and all we could speak was spanish to them and it was hillarious :) They all looked at us like we were crazy. I'm pretty sure half of them cried themselves to sleep... haha kidding but I'm sure their minds are going a million miles an hour. But its fun to talk and joke with every one in spanish. It's kind of amazing that its only been three weeks. They want us to be fluent by week six. Definitely happening :D

 Ok so here is the deal with my visa. I haven't received it yet. Everyone I've talked to in the MTC who is going to spain have had no luck either. Most have been reassigned to the referral center until they come through. I've met alot of people who are on week 7, 11, and even 14 as they wait. And this is only with Spain missionaries. My deadline is Dec. 26th and if I don't have my visa by then I will be temporarily reassigned either to the referral center or somewhere on the East Coast. Which brings up something. Sorry mom but we can't call home on christmas while we are in the MTC.... But I will get to call while I am at the airport. So I will let you know my travel plans when I receive them.

 Oh my gosh do you see the snow outside!!! I'm pretty sure I am the happiest person in the MTC right now :) Like really I can't stop smiling when I walk outside! It was also super fun to see people from all over the world looking at the snow like it was magic. Ah good times.

 So I have had a break through this week. And I pose this question. Every time we teach an investigator we ask them to pray outloud to receive the answer if what we are teaching is true right. So, "Why don't we as members pray outloud about, some pretty important questions, in front of other people?" I thought alot about this this week and so I actually did that very thing with my companion. It was the coolest thing ever! I was super nervous for some reason because I was pouring out my heart in front of someone I had only known for three weeks. So yeah. And praying outloud is very powerful stuff. Not just breakfast lunch and dinner but personal prayers done outloud have a different effect. Theres a scripture in D&C 19:28 about praying outloud. I have been having a great week with investigators and Spanish is now fun to learn:)

 Another cool thing this week is that we got to leave the MTC :D Well just me and my companion. His brother got rebaptized on Sunday and the president of the MTC let us go. It was so nice just to be talking to normal people and go to a normal church! It was a blast. I've been to one baptism now.

 Wo! Jared is getting married in a month! That is rediculous! I can't wait to hear all about it and see some pictures. Yeah? :) You know you want to send me some pics ;) I have received all letters and packahes but definitely send it to 1226 from now on. Mom thanks for the pumpkin muffins they are so good! And Grandma I love you :) I've received both of your packages now.

 Good luck Dad! I know work is pretty tough right now but rely on the lord. "We can do hard things.... but we can do impossible things with god." I love everyone and I especially love my family. Vaya con Dios Love Josh!

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