Friday, October 3, 2014

Sep. 29, 2014 - Hola!

Hello family!

This week has been Great! Thanks for the birthday wishes last week and this week! It was a great day! I was in Malaga so I got to be with a ton of mission buddies!! That was good. It was my last mission Conference and I HAD to bear my final testimony. I say "had" because there is still so much time before I end I didn´t want to give it yet, ha. But it was a bittersweet moment. I cried right when I got to the microphone. It was really good though to be able to bear testimony to other missionaries. It was a powerful experience. :)

We found a great ecuatorian family at the beginning of the week and the father came to church. It was fast and testimony meeting which was great!! The only problem was that the whole branch had gone to the temple the day before so everyone was bearing testimony on some doctrine that isn´t too common. Afterward Joni, the investigator, asked, "So why was everyone talking about being baptized obçver and over again, and what is endowment?" Hahaha we just smiled and said don´t worry, It will come with time. He was ok with that :)

Oh and Thalia finally got back from Suiza. She is a recent convert and super solid. While in Suiza she went to the temple and is going to be such a help back in Alcázar :)

Studies this week were based alot on faith leading to action and action leading to conversion. You can study a ton about conversion, and how people are converted, and what it means to BE converted... but I will leave that studying to you guys. :)

I just have to say that our Heavenly Father is WILLING and READY to bless those that act on Faith. Conversion comes after our acts of Faith. It´s a great little cycle :)

Also, CONFERENCE IS COMING!!! Prepare questions, fast, get ready for a spiritual high and then ACT on the revelation you recieve with FAITH :)
I love you all!
I love the mission!
Love, elder Powell

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